Electrical Workshop Mechanic

We are looking for a person who has knowledge of electrical components, electrical circuits, wiring and block diagrams. Our requirements are:careers

  • Previous experience with test equipment/test facilities
  • Ability for problem solving and undertaking technical investigations in a structured and professional manner
  • To undertake maintenance as required to enable the products to meet the company Quality Standards
  • Repair/Overhaul, assembly or electrical wiring of components, and/or sub-assemblies
  • To undertake testing, disassembly and survey on repair/overhaul units
  • Be able to read, understand and work with maintenance manuals, manufacturer drawings and technical bulletins.

We are expecting you to be able to work on a tight and planned schedule, perform multiple tasks at the same time, work around barriers or conflicts when they arise. Also to take calculated risks to achieve better results and to meet high customer standards. We also would like You to be a team player, because only a close interaction with other staff members produces the best results.

Please send your CV to